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We offer several CGI services, including still images, animations and interactive applications. Working with designers, architects, developers, & agencies we can create content to suit any brief.

We mix our years of industry experience with artist creativity to deliver great content. We work with our clients to understand their needs, and tailor our work to each project.

Architectural visualisations, product imagery and CGI animations are just a few of the CGI services we offer. We can turn our hands to almost any CGI project. Please see below for an overview of our CGI services.



CGI Architectural Visualisations

Architectural visualisations show buildings and landscapes before construction has begun. The CGIs we create are great for marketing, planning, and selling off plan.

We can also slice through buildings with sectional CGIs, produce aerial shots, and create photo-montage images.

Check out our CGI architectural visualisations page for further information and examples.


CGI Services photo-montage cgi



CGI Services

Interior CGI Room Sets

Photo-realistic CGI sets are great for visualising products. The CGI room sets are a cost effective alternative to traditional set building. Kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms designers can all use CGI sets to show their products. Smaller products too can also use interior CGI room sets.

The Wallace Traditional Kitchen is a great example of an interior CGI room set.

Head over to our Interior CGI Room Sets page for more info and examples.



Product CGI Visualisations

Product visualisations illustrate items such as furniture, jewellery and kitchen appliances. Using CGI, we can produce shots of existing items, or visualise items which aren't yet produced.

Product visualisations are often set against white or plain backgrounds. However we can illustrate products in any scenario. Interior CGI room sets are often used to visualise larger products. Unusual or even impossible sets can also built to illustrate products.

Take a look at the Product CGI Visualisations page for examples and further information.

chair product cgi services



Kitchen Interior Digital Room Set CGI services 3D Visualisation

CGI Animations

Using imagery, movement and sound, CGI animations can lead, inform and wow viewers. Architectural marketing animations can help sell properties off plan. Product animations could explain a new concept.

Animations are ever more accessible via websites, smart phones and apps. Animations can also more engaging, and often easier to explain a complex message.

The CGI Animations page has more information and examples, so take a look.



360 CGI Videos

360 videos came of age in 2016, and 360 CGI videos are something we're keen to offer as a service. 360 CGI videos allow the viewer to look in any direction whilst the video is playing. This of course raises certain challenges, as the view is now free to look, so directing and engaging with the viewer is key to the success of 360 CGI videos.

360 videos can be view on PC's, mobile phones and tablet, and also through VR. YouTube now streams 360 videos, making 360 videos incredibly accessible.

Check out our 360 CGI Video page for more information.

cgi animation 360 cgi video interior room set architecture video 3d CGI services



cgi services virtual reality

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality allows the users to explore digital environments. You can walk through a building. Investigate a new world. Or experience something impossible.

Virtual reality, much like 360 videos, has become more popular recently. Viewers can now use VR headsets for immersive experiences. Simulations and gaming now also use virtual reality to engage with the users.

To know more about virtual reality go to the Virtual Reality page for more information.



3D Printing

Using our knowledge of 3D and other CGI services, we can produce 3D prints. Currently we print miniature figures, and model architecture, but we can print anything.

3D printing is a fast and cost effective way to create models. Physical models can give a unique view on designs. A display of architectural prints can explain a proposed development. Or perhaps we can 3D print a miniature family portrait. To create a miniature you, we first 3D scan you, then 3D print the miniature.

To learn more about 3D printing, head to the 3D Printing page.

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