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The interactive configurator is a web-based app that allows the users to configure virtually anything. From kitchens to cars, configuring and customising products is easy. The app has several default functions to allow users to save, print or share their choices. Users can even enquire about a product directly from the app. We believe the interactive configurator is a great lead generation tool. The app alos allows potential customers to preview various configurations, which can be fun, but also helps ensure your customers are making an informed choice.

The app gives the users choices on how a product should look. The kitchen demo allows users can change the doors, handles and worktops. On the car demo they can change the paint, wheels, decals and many other parts. Users can then save, share and print their choices. An enquire form is also included, making the configurator a great lead generation tool.

The interactive configurator is web-based. We create the product variations in CGI, and the app builds the variations. There's no need to install an app, the configurator runs through your web browser. Smartphones, tablets and PCs are all ideal platforms for the configurator.

Check out our demo projects below.



Kitchen Interactive Configurator Demo

The kitchen configurator demonstrates the app changing various elements within a CGI room set. Kitchen doors, handles and worktops are all changeable. There is no limit to the number customisable items.

Potential customers could preview their ideal kitchen combination and fixtures. This allows customers to preview exactly their choices and could instil confidence in their buying decision.

The configurator could be pre-loaded onto iPads in a showroom or exhibition, replacing a traditional brochure, which of course isn't interactive!

This demo shows a customisable kitchen and set. However the app could visualise a bathroom, bedroom or any other room.

Have a go with the Kitchen Interactive Configurator.

Kitchen Configurator Car Mini Ipad



Furniture Configurator Chair Laptop

Furniture Interactive Configurator Demo

In this furniture demo, the configurator demonstrates the changing of colours and styles of a chair.

We use photo-realistic CGI to generate each configurable element. The application then uses the imagery to display the users choices.

We have built the app from the ground up, so customising the app is possible. The app could link to a web store, or configure several items at once.

Check out the Furniture Interactive Configurator.



Car Interactive Configurator Demo

Part of the fun of buying a new car is being able to tailor the car your personal taste. The Car Configurator shows how easy a user can pick colours, decals, accessories and more.

Often a brochure doesn't show the exact specification you'd like. Small colour swatches aren't ideal either. Users may feel more confident in making a large purchase if they can see exactly what they're buying.

The interactive configurator has many advantages. It's mobile and most people already have the technology. There's less reliance on brochures, and it doesn't cost a stamp to send. Updating the app with new colours or customisations is easy and cost effective too.

Have a play with the Car Interactive Configurator Demo.

Interactive Configurator Car Mini Ipad



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