Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is so private, it isn’t even ready yet!

But in a nutshell –

We don’t sell, expose or publicise personal details of people we deal with.

We don’t keep, or ask for, unnecessary information.

We try to be as secure as possible with your data, but hackers are bloody clever, so unless we go off-line (yea right), then yours (and our) data will be vulnerable. If we are ever hacked, we will let you know.

Our website doesn’t use “cookies” to collect or track any information personal to you.

We will contact people.

If you tell us to leave you alone we will. We may ask “why?” though.


If you have any concerns about privacy, then send us a hand written letter, in code, by a team of mercenaries, via 3 counties (that should do right), to the studio. Even then we can’t guarantee the privacy of your letter, but we like to think we care enough.

Or you can email us (and GCHQ, the FBI, Google, and anyone else who reads emails) at


Thank you.