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360 CGI videos are essentially videos or animations. Unlike traditional videos, the users can look around the video. This gives the viewer the experience of being inside the video. Viewers can use a VR headset, smartphone, tablet, or a PC to view the videos.

Our favourite way of viewing 360 videos is with a VR headset. Technology such as the Gear VR allow the users to view the 360 videos. Put on the headset, load the video, and enjoy!

When using a smartphone or tablet, the viewer can tilt or rotate their device to look around. They can also use their finger to control the view. When viewing the videos on a PC, generally the user would use a mouse to control the view. Each of the different methods has its use. One of the great advantages of 360 videos is that the content works on most modern devices, making it accessible to everyone.



Architectural 360 CGI Videos

We are developing our 360 CGI video service. Our first development stage is to build a working demo. This will feature an architectural development or building. The animation will guide a viewer around the building, highlighting and explaining features and details.

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