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Explore architecture, interior spaces and anything else with our 360° VR Tours & Animations!360° VR Tours allow the user to navigate through a space. Using buttons and hotspots the user has control. 360° CGI animations gives the viewer the experience of being inside the video. The 360° animation plays like a standard animation. Yet the users can look around, and immerse themselves within the spaces. Our favourite way of viewing 360° VR Tours & Animations is with a VR headset. Technology such as the Google Daydream allow the users to enjoy the 360° content. Without a headset, users can still view the 360° content. Through a smartphone or tablet, the user can tilt or rotate their device to look around. They can also use their finger to control the view. When viewing the 360° content on a PC, the user can use a mouse to control the view and interact with the tours.



360° VR Tours

360° VR Tours are an interactive way to allow your users to explore spaces. They are great for previewing unbuilt spaces, and can be a fantastic marketing tool. 360° VR Tours give control to the user. Users can navigate through the spaces via buttons, hotspots and menus. A tour can also display information, videos and sounds. This makes 360° VR tours an ideal tool to explain and sell spaces. Check out our London Office Tour demo, and have a go for yourself!

360 VR Tour Interior Building Architecture VR Virtual Reality London



360° Animations

360° animations, like VR tours, allow the user to explore spaces in 360° by looking around. .360° animations differ from VR tours. With VR tours, the user can select where they’d like to go. 360° animations are like standard animations. The user watches the animation as the video plays. The viewer can’t jump from room to room. Instead the animation leads the viewer. 360° animations can be a more curated, instant experience. .We currently use YouTube to host our 360° animations, but can embed 360° animations into the VR tours too.



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