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3D printing is the process of turning a 3D model into a physical item. Although the technology has been here since the 1980s, only recently has it become affordable.

Mainstream manufacturing processes still dominate production of goods. However, 3D printing allows us to create unique items in a short period of time. We can 3D scan a person, turn them into a digital model and print within 2 hours! That wouldn’t be possible with injection moulding or other forms of manufacturing.

We have become fascinated by 3D printing and its possibilities. Currently we 3D print buildings and people, but the capabilities for 3D printing are endless. It wont be long before 3D printers are in everybody’s home!



3D Printing Architecture

3D printing turns digital 3D building models into physical miniature architecture. We take drawings, CAD data and sketches, then create a 3D model. The 3D model is then printed, allowing you to hold and examine your building.

We created the 3D Printed Miniature House Project to show the floors within the house. The miniature model comprises of several pieces, allowing you to look inside the house.

To finish the miniature models, clients can paint the prints, or simple leave them white.

3D printing print architecture house housing



3D printing miniature figures 3d scanning scan print subbuteo

3D Printing Miniature People

Creating miniature people is a lot of fun. We create the miniatures by first 3D scanning the person. The miniature is then turned into a 3D model. Our 3D printer then creates miniature.

Our side project, Design Scan Print 3D, offers a service to turn yourself into a miniature. Our 3D printed miniatures feature as 3D family portraits, and models for railways. Others want ones to sit on their desks!



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