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CGI animations blend imagery, motion and sound. Animations engage, inform and excite viewers. We can create amazing CGI animations featuring architecture, interiors and products.

Our CGI animations can guide a viewer around a property or explain a new product. A 30 second animation could inform or engage with your potential customers. The CGI animations we produce can show any product, property, idea or concept.

CGI animations and videos are becoming ever more accessible in our daily lives. Marketing videos are no longer limited to TV advertisements. Videos now feature on many smartphone apps and websites. Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and many other apps allow access to video content. Studies show engagement with videos is far higher than images and text.



Architectural CGI Animations

Our animations can show potential buyers around a property before its built. This can be a great promotional and marketing tool. We can visualise interiors, exteriors and landscapes.

Walk-through animations can guide and inform viewers. Lifestyle and marketing animations can excite and raise awareness of a development. A mix of both is sometimes the best solution!

We created a CGI animation for the Viver Green Housing Development Project. The animation featured the stunning exterior architecture, and several interior rooms. The animation was a great success, and help to sell properties off-plan.



Product CGI Animations

CGI animations inform, excite and promote your products. Once we have your product created in 3D, we can produce an animation.

For the Milkhouse Project, we created a simple 360 animation. For the Visualising Artwork Project, we produced a more complex animation. We constructed a CGI room set, featuring the artwork. The animation was then produced within the interior. Our client used the animation to illustrate the artwork and its finish.



360 CGI Animations

If standard animations weren't enough, how about a 360 animation? 360 videos capture everything around the camera, allowing the viewer to look around. Virtual reality headsets allow users to look around whilst the video is playing. Interacting with 360 videos embedded in websites also gives users control over viewing direction.

We are currently developing this service. A demo featuring architecture and interiors is in progress. Yet if you are looking for 360 animations, don't hesitate to get in touch and check out the 360 CGI Videos page for further information.

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