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Architectural visualisations illustrate buildings, developments, and landscapes before construction begins. Our illustrations help our clients with marketing, planning and proposals. Yet we are always open to new ideas and markets. Our CGIs are great for selling properties off plan. They also help convince planning committees of your proposals. Master plan CGIs are also great for gaining public support or funding.

Architectural visualisations are the core work for the studio, and something we love to be a part of. We have over 10 year of industry experience. Our knowledge and expertise enables us complete any architectural project. Marketing CGIs, photo-montages and aerial CGIs are just some of the services we provide. Our client include architects, developers and designers. We listen to your brief and you, then deliver unique content to fulfil your requirements. Our workflow is flexible, with no particular style or method to our work. We understand each project is unique, so our work should be unique too.



Exterior CGI Architectural Visualisations

External architectural visualisations are the most popular image we produce. Marketing, planning applications and proposals are all great example uses of architectural visualisations. We can illustrate anything from 1 bed studio apartments to city centre master plans.

Using CAD drawings, sketches and 3D models, we create the digital architecture. We then texture, light and render the image. Exterior shots can be day-time, dusk or night shots, just so long as it isn't raining!

Read more about our exterior images at the Exterior CGI Architectural Visualisations page.

CGI Architectural Visualisations Visualisation Architecture Housing Development Animation



CGI Architectural Visualisations Visualisation Architecture Housing Development Animation Dusk Photo Montage

Photo-montage CGI Architectural Visualisations

Photo-montage CGIs combine photography with CGI elements. We photograph the existing site or building. The photograph is then blended with CGI buildings, landscapes and other elements. The final image illustrates the building in the existing environment.

Photo-montage images are great when the existing landscape is key to the project. Planning applications often need photo montage images. The CGIs visualise the impact new buildings have on the environment.

Read more about our exterior images at the Photo Montage CGI Architectural Visualisations page.



Interior CGI Architectural Visualisations

Interior CGI architectural visualisations illustrate the interior of a proposed building. Visualising the interior spaces is a great way to explain your plans, ideas and designs. Some of our client believe interior CGI shots are essential for selling properties off-plan.

Luxury developments could showcase their custom designed interiors. Or a commercial building could illustrate the empty spaces populated with furniture.

Interior spaces are just as important as external facades. Visualising them could help market, promote or sell properties.

Read more about our interior images at the Interior CGI Architectural Visualisations page.

CGI Architectural Visualisations Visualisation Architecture Housing Development Animation Interior Internal



CGI Architectural Visualisations Visualisation Architecture Housing Development Animation Sectional Section

Sectional CGI Architectural Visualisations

Sectional CGI architectural visualisations show buildings sliced open to expose the layers within. A vertical slice through a building will expose the floor levels. A horizontal slice will show the floor plate layout (also be know as a 3D floor plan).

Sectional CGIs can be useful for explaining complex level changes. They can also show room configurations. Both of which may be tricky to explain with other images or drawings.

Read more about our sectional images at the Sectional CGI Architectural Visualisations page.



Animations for Architectural Visualisations

Architectural animations can engage and explain architecture in perhaps a way which images can't. A CGI animation can guide a viewer through a building.  It can explain complex features. Or perhaps excite a potential buyer into making an enquiry.

Animations and videos are accessible via websites, social media and smart phones. Animations are becoming a common marketing tool for property and architecture.

To know more about architectural animations head over to the CGI Animations page.



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