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CGI room sets are 3D built interiors used to visualise products. They are an alternative to building physical sets. CGI room sets are quick and cost effective to build and the end result looks like a photograph.

The KBB (kitchen, bedroom and bathroom) industry use CGI room sets. Using 3D and CGI techniques we can create products, fixtures and fittings to feature in CGI room set. We then light the set as a traditional photographer would. Finally we compute the final image.

Smaller products can also visualised in the CGI room sets. A great example of this is the Visualising Art Work Animation project. We created a custom set to display the art work. Then we produced a short animation to illustrate the art work.

Everything we create is digital, stored forever on hard drives. This means we can re-use sets, or make amends in the future, without the costs of building new set.



Kitchen, Bedroom Bathroom Sets

The KBB industry has been using CGI room sets for several years. You may have not noticed CGI images in their brochures or websites, but they are there.

We create photo-realistic marketing shots and product cut-outs images for many clients and industries.

The Burlington Traditional Kitchen Project is great examples of our Kitchen CGIs. The Sliding Wardrobe Project features several CGI room sets. Within each set we show a range of sliding wardrobes.

For more Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom projects, head over to the Portfolio page.





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Sets for Product Visualisations

CGI room sets are great for illustrating products. We can create a custom CGI set to your specification. There's no need to rely on stock photography. And you don't need to find or build a physical set.

In the past we've visualised many products. The POD Mattress Project was one of our favourite. We re-purposed an existing set, adding design and styling touches. We photographed the real mattress and composited the photo into the CGI for accuracy.



Interior Interactive Configurator

Interactive configurators allow your users to change and customise the appearance of your product. CGI room sets work great with our interactive configurator. You can change colours, fixtures, products and much more.

The Kitchen Configurator demo allows users to change the kitchen doors, worktops, handles and the set. From the configurator the users can print, share, save or enquire. This make the interactive configurator great for sales and lead generation.

The Interactive Configurator page features several demos, give them a go!

Interactive Configurator CGI Product Room Set



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