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Product CGI visualisations are great for producing marketing content. They are also used for previewing items before production or even for fund raising.

We create a 3D digital version of the product, either from the physical item, or from drawings and sketches.

Creating the product in CGI allows us to drop the product into any environment. White backgrounds are popular, but any scenario is possible. We can also show products in CGI room sets.



Product Cutout CGIs


One of the most common product CGIs is cutout imagery. Visualised on white backgrounds, the products generally fill the entire shot. These images are great for brochures and other marketing material.

We can also supply the imagery with transparent backgrounds. This allows you to drop the CGI into your work.

Check out the Past CGI Projects page for examples of product CGIs.

chair product cgi services



product cgi

Pre-Manufacturing Product CGIs

Being able to show customers your product before manufacturing is a great advantage. We take drawings, concepts and prototypes to create a 3D model. Then we produce a realistic CGI to show how the end product will look.

Our clients have used CGIs to sell products before production. Kickstarter and other crowdfunding websites often use CGIs to present their product too.

A great example of product CGI is The Milkhouse Project. We visualised a simple vinyl toy in several finishes. We also produce a turntable animation for their marketing promotions.



Product Interactive Configurator

Our interactive configurator is great for visualising products. The app uses CGI images to allow the user to configure a product. If you're selling a product which is customisable, then the configurator is perfect.

Our Interactive Chair Demo allows users to change the colour, finishes and chair style. The users can then share, save, print or enquire their custom product. The app is great for sales and lead generation.

Check our Interactive Configurator page for further information and demos.

furniture interactive configurator



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