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Virtual reality is an interactive way of viewing content and 3D environments. Generally the user can interact with the environment. Applications allow users to walk around a building. Other apps could simulate training scenarios for dangerous situations. And of course virtual reality also has a big future in gaming.

Virtual reality headsets now allow users to immerse themselves within the digital environments. Users can look around, explore, play and learn. How the users interact with the virtual reality is up to you.

Virtual reality isn't dependant on users wearing headsets. Users can explore the digital environments computer screens, smart phones or games consoles. The concept is that the users can interact with the digital world, whether that's by using a keyboard or a headset.

We are constantly developing our services. We see a bright future in interactive architecture. Potential buyers could walk around their future home. Designs could be better explained by taking a digital walk around a building. Or designers may be able to interact with their designs, changing it as the desire.



Interactive Architecture

Imagine being able to walk through a building before it's built. Or guide a user around a new apartment without being there. We see virtual reality as a great tool to create these amazing experiences.

We believe a great experience needs to be beautiful, easy to use. The possibilities to give the user control is endless. They could interact in simple ways, such as opening doors. Or do something more in depth like change the colour schemes within a room.

A demo is in the works, keep an eye out on the Blog, and sign up to the Newsletter for updates.

Sectional Architectural Visualisations



Virtual Reality

Serious Gaming & Simulations

Virtual reality could have a huge part to play in serious gaming and simulations. Sometimes training people in difficult or dangerous situations isn't either safe or possible. An astronaut can't train in space, but they could use virtual reality.

Simulations replicate real world environments. Although they are no replacement for the real thing, they do have advantages. It's safe, with no risk of harm. Users can familiarise themselves with the environment, equipment or procedures. Virtual reality is cost effective, customisable and reusable.



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