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Ard Digital Is One Today!

Today is a special day for me, as a year ago I moved from employee to freelancing and starting up Ard Digital!

Taking the leap to freelancing has been one of those big moments in life for me. I wouldn’t say I was un-prepared because I had spent many months before-hand doing everything possible from speaking to potential clients, to reading numerous business start-up books, however I believe that the only real way to learn about being a freelancer and running your own business is to take the plunge! There’s so much you can learn from books, but there’s much more to be learnt from getting your hands dirty! Over the year I have made some mistakes, luckily nothing major or that couldn’t be rectified.

The phrase “You learn something new everyday” has never been more true. I find myself learning and absorbing so much, and experiencing new things.

As a freelancer, the past year has seen some amazing highs and some very challenging times too. The biggest challenge for me personally has been adjusting to a more sporadic schedule. Gone are the days of 9-5, but being flexible and working the late hours when needed are all par for the course, and something that I have embraced and made work to my advantage at times. Hard work does pay off!

But as well as working on numerous interesting and challenging projects for many fantastic clients, the year has also brought my son’s 1st birthday, a house move, and all the renovation and decorating that brings along too.

I think first I should thank my family for the support over the last year, especially to my wife who has always believed in me, and is always there to offer support. I would also like to thank my clients this year, without you I wouldn’t be here, so a massive thanks for believing in the work I can produce! There are numerous others who have helped out with advice, contacts and support, so thanks to everyone else, I hope to re-pay the favours one day!


So that’s it, Ard Digital is 1! Bring on another fantastic year!!



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