Burger King's Disruptive Augmented Reality Marketing

Augmented reality is slowly, but very effectively, being using in marketing campaigns all around the world.

We love augmented reality, and truly believe it's going to be a massive medium in the not so distant future.

One recent campaign for Burger King Brazil, involves users "burning" competitors adverts, for which they are rewarded with a free Whopper.

Now when we say "burning" we don't mean that folk are literally committing arson, rather they're using a very clever augmented reality app to make it appear that McDonalds, Subway, or another competitors printed advert is on fire.  Once the advert has been burnt to ashes, the user then see's the Burger King advert and receives a free burger. Burger King use geofencing to place this offer near its rival compeitors.

For those who don't know, augmented reality (often called AR or mixed reality), is where digital content is displayed into the real world. For example you could augment a piece of furniture into a room to see how it fits, or perhaps you want to see how a new pair of trainers would look on yourself without visiting a store.

There are no limits as to what you can digitally show, and with the Burger King campaign by David SP, the app cleverly recognises a competitors advert, which the triggers the burning and reward.

The social and psychological reasons behind the campaign are perhaps too complex for me to fully understand, perhaps it's literally "let's burn our competitors into oblivion" or maybe it's a spin on Burger Kings "flame grilled" style.

One thing I do know is that the campaign will folk downloading the app, and engaging with the real world, for real rewards.

Augmented reality has the scale and flexibility to transform how people engage with brands, stores and businesses. Instead of burning an advert, imagine if your customers could hold their phone up to an advert, and they're instantly given information on store locations, opening hours, or even exclusive discounts.

Or how about your customer sees an advert for a new piece of furniture, and by using augmented reality, they can see, rotate and maybe even order the piece of furniture straight from an app. Check out our Punch Infifty Range of examples on what we can do.

Augment reality for marketing is just arriving, and I think we're only seeing a glimpse of what it's capable of!

We will be putting together some concepts and ideas for how augmented reality could be used. If you'd like to know more or would like to discuss some ideas then get in touch.

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