We are launching a podcast series focusing on creativity in business, whether you are a design agency or an accountant we want you to share your experiences with creativity. Plus we will provide biscuits for your trouble, what more could you want?


The style of the concept will be easy going, asking open ended questions without a specific service or solution in mind. The idea is we talk about your business creativity, thoughts, trends and anything else that might pop along. They will be 20-30 mins long, so we won't bore you to death.


The topics of conversation are listed below, but they are only a rough guide.


Potential Themes

Business cycles, habits and routine.

Value of creativity.

Return of investment on creativity.

Finding inner creativity.

Creativity within business.

Sourcing creativity.

Creativity conflicts.

Thinking outside of the box.

Marketing highlights and lows.

Stepping outside of comfort zones.


Following the herd.

Measuring creativity.


Massive failures.

Followers and the tribe.

Forget digital!

Risky business.

Want to be involved?

Let us know if you are interested by contacting us however you please, email, telephone, social media or paper airplane note. However, we want to hear from you!