London Office Tour

Helping landlords to market and guide prospective clients though their planned refurbished offices.

To help future tenants visualise the planned refurbishment of an office interior, our client needed a way to show them how it would look before the construction could begin.

A 360 virtual tour was chosen, allowing people to explore the office. This not only showed prospective clients how the space would look, but also allow clients to become accustomed to the space. Technical drawings, and even still images can be hard to understand, so by allowing people to look around, they can more clearly understand the space, therefore giving them more confidence in what they’re possibly looking to buy.

Smart right?

Have a go for yourself. Click the Launch image, and the virtual tour will load within your web browser.

Punch Digital London Office Tour VR 360 Interactive Tour CGI 02
Punch Digital London Office Tour VR 360 Interactive Tour CGI 02

Do you create other CGI content
other than virtual tours?

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Of course! Check out the Punch InfinityFifteen, or London Office Tour case studies for a glimpse at how we help marketeers and business.

Also you can view our full portfolio on Behance.

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