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Blog Punch Digital is 7

Punch Digital forgets its Birthday


Punch Digital forgets its Birthday

7. A small number to some, but for me it says we’re still here, alive and very much kicking!

Earlier this month (and I genuinely forget when exactly) Punch Digital turned 7!

That’s 7 years of hard graft, incredible highs, and some not so brilliant lows. Still I wouldn’t change a thing!

The next 7 years could be very interesting, and I’m trying to make a few changes to Punch Digital, more details will follow over the following months, but as always, I’m fascinated with new tech COUGH augmented reality COUGH.

And I’m also preparing to hit the scene with some motion graphics content, which in my mind right now, is a mix of the “traditional” Punch Digital work, and a the juxtaposition of the world.

Doesn’t make sense does it, but don’t panic, all will be clear(ish) soon.


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