Punch Infinity

Helping businesses show their customers their entire product range or variations, whilst generating leads and helping to make sales.

Think of Punch Infinity like an interactive photo, where your potential customers can change parts of the imagery to find their perfect choice.

Often customers can’t envisage different combinations. Punch Infinity will give them confidence in their choices.
Ditch tiny swatches, sample pots or thumbnail shots, it isn’t 1995 anymore!

Punch Infinity isn’t just pretty and easy to use, it’s also incredibly functional.
Punch Infinity can drive enquiries, building a social following, and help staff with their sales.

Click below to launch any of the 3 amazing demos.

Home Punch Infinity Interactive Configurator Vitra High Back Office Chair 01
Home Punch Infinity Interactive Configurator Russian Hill Kitchen 01
Home Punch Infinity Interactive Configurator Regent Road Bathrooms 01

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Punch Infinity is much
more than a pretty accessory!

Unlimited Combinations

An interactive configurator is a great way to show your customers your entire range or variations. Ideal for a showroom, or your website.

Remove Guesswork

Give your customers confidence in what they’re buying, let’s ditch those tiny swatches and guesswork!

Social Sharing

Your interactive configurator allows customers to share their choices through social media. Free marketing rocks!

Generate Leads

Punch Infinity will generate leads and enquiries. You do the selling.

View Anywhere

Punch Infinity is always with you and your customers, it’s all online, and works on most modern devices.

Update on Demand

Forget expensive brochures, instead share you interactive configurator link with your audience. Your interactive configurator is easily updatable with new products and finishes.


Punch Infinity is expandable and customisable to meet your needs. It’s built by us, meaning we can do anything! Our Punch Infinity Road-map gives you an idea of our future plans too.

Include Product Details

Within your configurator, you can embed product details, images and links to your online store.

Home Punch Infinity Interactive Configurator Russian Hill Kitchen 02
Home Punch Infinity Interactive Configurator Regent Road Bathrooms 02
Home Punch Infinity Interactive Configurator Vitra High Back Office Chair 02

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But how does it work?

View Anywhere

Punch Infinity is entirely online, with no software downloads either. Simply go to the configurator address, and it'll load. Simple right?

CGI Imagery

The imagery used within Punch Infinity is CGI. Part of the process is for us to create these digital assets. We certainly don't need an expensive photographic studio, or a team of builders!

Share and Save

Punch Infinity has some great built in functions such as share, save, print and download.

Future Proof

The interactive configurator is future proof. It's enirely built by us, and we're on top of any changes in tech. We can also modify and change Punch Infinity if needed.

Do you create other CGI content
other than Punch Infinity?

Home Punch Digital Viver Green Architectural Visualisation Animation CGI
Home Punch Digital o2 Illustration Product CGI
Home Punch Digital Architecture Streatham Shot 1

Of course! Check out the Fifteen, Viver Green or London Office Tour case studies for a glimpse at how we help marketeers and business.

Also you can view our full portfolio on Behance.

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