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Regents Road Bathroom Interactive Configurator CGI Visualisation

Punch Infinity – How?

Before you read this, you might be wondering “what is Punch Infinity?”. If that’s the case then check out the Punch Infinity – What is it? blog post.

Regents Road Bathroom Interactive Configurator CGI Visualisation


Without being too “techy” I just wanted to dig a little bit into how Punch Infinity works, and what’s involved to get one up and running.


Punch Infinity is entirely online, whether you’re on a PC, iPad, tablet or smartphone. 


The imagery used within a Punch Infinity interactive configurator is create by us. It’s what we’ve done for years, and know how to visualise a product in the best way possible using digital and CGI mediums.

The 3 demos show a bathroom, kitchen and office chair, but it would be no different to show a car, house or even a spaceship. They’re all products that can be visualised in CGI.

Changing components, colours or finishes

This is the clever bit. Each different component, colour or finish is generated as a separate image. When the user selects say “Colour A”, the configurator loads Colour A’s image, and displays it.

Making each configurator unique

Punch Infinity can be tweaked to make a configurator fit with a businesses brand and styling. Colours are adjustable, company logos are added, and of course all business details are added.

This is all done in a very clever database. All we need for businesses is their details, and we take care of the rest.


Punch Infinity can appear complex and daunting, but it really isn’t. It works online, and we take care of the set-up and creation of the configurator.

However, we need input from clients to make sure we’re showing and displaying the right imagery and text. As always, we have made things as easy as possible for anyone involved.

If you have any questions, queries or think Punch Infinity could be suitable for your marketing, then get in touch.

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