Punch Infinity Road-map

Punch Infinity has been in development for literally years, but now we’ve reached a a version that we’re incredibly happy and proud of, that doesn’t mean that we’re going to stop there!

Firstly we’re going to be very reactive to changes in physical tech, web programming and other external changes. For example, when Punch Infinity was in development, Facebook changed several times, meaning we’ve re-done the share functions whenever needed.

Secondly, we don’t want to over-complicate Punch Infinity, but here’s some ideas we’re working on to make Punch Infinity even better –

  • Add analytics – A way for owners of the configurator to see the trends and statistics of their users.
  • Add background loading of assets – This may streamline the loading and displaying of configurations.
  • Intelligent background loading – Use AI or collected data to predict which items the user may next choose.
  • Randomise order of variations – this may allow for a more balanced distribution of variations. I.e the first variation could constantly change upon each user visit.
  • Curated configurations – A way for users to view selected curated content.
  • Additional views – A way for users to switch views, perhaps for a close-up or different room.
  • Animations – See how animations could be used to enhance the user experience.
  • Add Instagram to the social share – This isn’t currently possible within any apps, but we know how quickly things can change.

And if you haven’t already, have a go with Punch Infinity by clicking below to launch a configurator.

Home Punch Infinity Interactive Configurator Vitra High Back Office Chair 01
Home Punch Infinity Interactive Configurator Russian Hill Kitchen 01
Home Punch Infinity Interactive Configurator Regent Road Bathrooms 01

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