OK, so I have done the introduction post, but that doesn't really count as a blog post does it?

So that leaves me with a challenge, what should the first blog post be? I've always thought that I want the blog to be a mix of 3D, photography, videos, tutorials, news, interesting things, funny things, and anything in-between, as long as it's kind of related to the 3D and CGI industry!

So where should I start?!

Well, after some thinking, I thought it would probably most fitting to start by giving something back to the community. I have always found the generosity and willingness to help others from within the 3D communities quite heart-warming, and they have certainly helped me out when I have become unstuck! So I thought it was about time I gave something back!

Below you can download a few models I have created (I created these for use in my kitchen images in my portfolio). These include storage jars, storage tins and a spaghetti measurer.

I hope they are of some use to you, and please let me know if you actually use them! The models are, in my opinion, good enough for anything from close-ups to distant shots. Feedback is also welcome!


The models be used in any personal or commercial use, I only ask that you do not resell them, or claim credit for creating them! Also instead of passing on the zip file to others, please direct them to this page.

The models are in 3Ds Max format with Vray materials.

In the future, I plan to add more free downloads, so keep your eyes peeled!