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The Blanks ready to download and 3D print on Thingyverse

As part of the constant tinkering and testing with 3D printing, I have released a free download of 2 little characters I have created. “The Blanks”, as I’ve named them, are two little characters, 10cm in height, with no real distinguishable features, perfect for a blank.

The 3D models have been uploaded to Thingiverse, click to go to the website to download them for free.

But what is a blank? MakerBot released Zee Blank, and the concept is to 3D print your own blank, and modify it however you please. Some of the creations on the Makerbot site are brilliant! The concept behind The Blanks is the same, print the 3D models, and then modify, paint, customize to your hearts content, then share your creation with the world.

The Blanks, 3D printed and awaiting customization.

I wanted to create The Blanks as an alternative to Zee Blank, as I felt Zee Blank is just too big, and very masculine in form. I created the couple as a male / female combination, but either could be modified to what ever gender you like.


The 3D model is set-up ready to print.

The Blanks are printed in several parts, which then fit together perfectly without the need for glue. Ideally the prints need to be sanded first, then painted to give a nice finish, or alternatively you could use a high build-up primer to give a smooth finish. The choice really is yours, and I can’t wait to see how The Blanks will be modified. I will be having a go myself very soon, please don’t laugh at my below average painting skills, I’m far more capable with a mouse and keyboard than a brush and paint!!

In the future I plan to release “add-ons” for The Blanks, maybe some new shoes, different heads, and possibly other props too. Let me know what you’d like to see added, and of course let me know if you have any comments! Follow me on Thingiverse here and of course sign up to the mail list to hear of the latest releases and info.

Also send me pictures of your creations, I’d love to feature them on the blog too!





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