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Viewport to Vray Physical Camera

OK just a quick post, along with a new script. This script automatically generates a Vray Physical Camera inside 3Ds Max, in much the same way as you create a standard camera.

Earlier today Mark Hunter (@Hunter_1st) challenged me to create a script which converts the viewport view to Vray Camera inside 3Ds Max, in the same way as you create a standard camera by pressing “CTRL C”.

So with a little lateral thinking, I have knocked up a script that hopefully will serve his purpose, and maybe be of use to others (and possibly even myself!).

Anyway, here is the script.

Run it inside 3Ds Max and assign it to a short cut (if you soley use vray you might just want to assign it to CTRL C and override the standard camera), or do as I normally do and assign it to a button on the UI.

When you click the button (or use the shortcut) the Vray camera is created, and a dialogue box will pop up where you can rename the camera. This is useful for two reasons, firstly you should rename things anyway!! And secondly, the script is simple, and if you plan to create more than one camera, you will need to have renamed the previous cameras, otherwise the script will just move the old camera to your new view.

If this script is useful to you, or you notice any bugs, please let me know!




  • Anthony Fraine

    03/08/2012at4:29 pm Reply

    Awesome that Deano, will prove really useful!

  • Mark Hunter

    03/08/2012at4:59 pm Reply

    brilliant, small but very useful script cheers deano

  • Patric

    06/08/2012at6:45 pm Reply

    Do I have to search in the interface manager for the script? When I run script nothing seams to happen.(max 2013)

    • Dean

      07/08/2012at8:08 am Reply

      Hi Patric,
      Yes, run the script inside 3Ds Max, then go to Customise, Customise User Interface, Toolbar Tab, under the Category dropdown click Ard Scripts, then drag Viewport to VrayCamera to the 3Ds Max toolbar. If you need further help let me know.
      Cheers, Dean

  • Mark Hunter

    09/08/2012at8:46 am Reply

    hey deano, there’s a slight issue with the script. when I drag it into max it removes or replaces your MICC script. Which is also very useful.

    I don’t know if you’ve noticed this?

    • Dean

      09/08/2012at8:51 am Reply

      Hi mate,
      I have fixed it, I copied a bit of code from the other script, and didn’t modify it, DOH! If you download it again, and run it, it should work fine now. Strange how it didn’t affect my machine though! What version of Max are you guys running now?
      Cheers, Dean

      • Mark Hunter

        10/08/2012at9:11 am Reply

        we still use 2012 here. are you on 2013?

  • Pierce The Veil

    01/10/2012at9:14 am Reply

    Wow! Amazing script mate, one of the problems I had with VRay cameras was that I found them difficult to use because of the lack of a keyboard shortcut. But this script is very very useful and it works pefectly. Now I can work with VRay cameras in an easy way. Thanks!

  • Rich

    10/06/2013at9:57 am Reply

    Awesome Dean, seems to work perfectly-
    Very helpful. Thanks

  • hawkarena

    13/03/2015at12:54 pm Reply

    Thanks it really useful for me.

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