So we've made it to 4! 4 years of giving it our all, and taking the highs in our stride, and learning very quickly from the lows! We love creating CGIs, and seeing where the journey will take us! We've completed so many architectural visualisations, product CGIs and digital room sets, and we're always incredibly grateful for our clients to have faith in us to create our work!

kitchen interior digital room set shaker design CGI 3D rendering oven hob extractor appliance sinkOne of our many amazing projects completed!

This year, along with our usual work, we also took two steps in two very different directions. We completed the first phase of our Construct and Configure Interactive App, check it out if you haven't already! We also launched Design Scan Print 3D, a service dedicated to 3D scanning people to create miniature figures, again, take a look, and perhaps get booked in for a scan!

3D Scanning & Printing Railway Modellers 16mmMiniature 3D printed figures!

It's in our mentality to try new things, push boundaries, and to start walking down different paths. In the next year we plan to continue to developing our ideas, and seeing where we end up. One avenue we defiantly want to explore is virtual reality; the explosion of hardware such as the HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR opens us so many potentials to be creating, innovative and hopefully create some useful and brilliant projects!

So here's to the next year, let's see what we can do!