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Why make “Evolution” and why does research and development matter?

Evolution // CGI Motion Graphics Animation


Research and development is ESSENTIAL.

Building new skills.

Testing ideas.

Opportunities to try new software or hardware.

Little risk

And it’s FUN!


I personally LOVE the CGI industry. Being able to make something out of literally nothing.

I love being creative, trying new ideas.

Without development, Punch Digital would be just a cog in a machine, and that’s really not for me.


But why should YOU care?

We hope you’d want to work with a team of folk who aren’t content with mediocre, run of the mill, maybe even “dated” work and processes.

Maybe you have a brilliant idea, you’ve never seen it done before, and you want to see it spring to life, just like how Evolution sprang from a few seemingly random ideas. (It wasn’t random 🙂 )

Or maybe you just like shiny things and a good tune!

Evolution motion graphics cgi animation

Let me know your thoughts, comments or even suggestions!


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