Last month me and the team went to Glug Leeds to one of their events around collaboration. We had a great time, there was some fabulous speakers sharing their experience, and we obviously had a few to many drinks on a week night!

Here is the low down and what taken from this event.

What collaborations brings and why is it important?

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Collaboration is exactly what is says on the tin, sharing and combing your ideas with another. We do it in every part of our lives and don't even notice. It can either be working closely with a client to fulfil their idea perfectly or working with a sector you've never done before. The possibilities are endless.

Don't just collaborate with people like you!

The best partnerships are not always the ones which fit seamlessly together, its about working around the difficulties and making them work together to create some extraordinary. One of the guest speakers at Glug had a tone of waste from his business filling up his garage. He decided to partner with a independent whole food start up who's concept is to produce as little waste as possible. They worked together and using this waste decided to transform an old building into their small store. What a great collaboration!

Collaboration is important because you can learn from one another and pic up skills faster than you would if you was on your own. As well as giving you more knowledge; different people from different background can give you more information showing you the bigger picture.

How we collaborate?

We collaborate both in and out the office, whether it be employing different sex's, people from different countries and various work backgrounds to expand our knowledge. We then use this for the benefit of the client to generate well though out bespoke content with meaning. Likewise we are will to collaborate with clients on their ideas for achieving the best outcome.

However we are not all work and no play, we love to collaborate outside of work, like going to these events, having food and planning to host a ping pong tournament. So watch this space!

If you want to collaborate with us, either it be a for a cuppa or a project, or you just want to attend our pin pong match don't be afraid to contact us.