I had a thought whilst watching the adverts (well someone has to watch them right?!).

We know CGI is used in all kinds of advertising, from cars to iPhones. But what about food?

It was this latest advert from McDonald's (chocolate milkshake is my guilty pleasure), where right at the end, you see floating chicken wrap. And my mind being as weird and wonderful, thought "...is that CGI?".

Food CGI McDonalds Marketing Advertising

Now let's think about this. It really isn't that strange to actually think that a chicken wrap could be 3D. OK it is a little strange. Perhaps I should use the word "feasible" instead.

But we're actually quite use to seeing CGI in food commercials. Maybe the use of CGI has been less literal, more playful....

However it does beg the question, is CGI being used to visualise actual food in advertising?

I know it's possible to re-create food to a very high, believable level (see above).

But is it actually more commonplace in advertising than what we're aware of? And what are your feelings on that? Is it OK? Is it any different to a fully staged photo-shoot, where food are covered in all sorts to make them look desirable?


Anyway, I'm curious to know, and will dig a little deeper, but if you have any examples, send them my way.

Or maybe you just suspect the use of CGI in a food commercial, again, drop me a message, I'd love to know!