Usually the work I produce is from way outside Yorkshire (my current record is California!), so when projects come along that are literally just up the road it's always nice grab the project and get stuck in.

Recently I finished the 315 Bar and Restaurant project, for which I created a CGI to show the proposed development of the existing building. At the start of the project I met on site, where the work had already begun, and immediately felt I knew more about the project that just looking over drawings and sketches.


Architectural visualisation of the proposed building.

The site was full with machinery, workmen, offices, but if you looked beyond this you could see the surroundings, the existing buildings, the trees and much more, which really helped when creating the final illustration. I also took a camera, shot numerous reference images, and referred back to these during the project. To match the stone texture to the existing building, I even photographed a stone wall of the building, and then re-created this to use on the 3D model.

Finally, it's also great to meet a client, via a short journey, especially when the drive is out into the lovely Yorkshire countryside on a sunny day!

I love local projects, and I'll be sure to drive out there when it's complete, even if it is just to compare the CGI to the real thing!