Punch Infinity // Blog Series

At the start of this year we completed Punch Infinity, our interactive configurator, to make it easy for customers to easily allow our clients to visualise products.

Punch Infinity is Here!

Check out this one we generated for Mosiac Village, helping their customer visualise their tiles easier.

Over the next few blog posts I’ll be digging into Punch Infinity and talking about what, why, how and the future plans for our interactive configurator. In the blog posts I'll be picking the ONE thing that helped really focused Punch Infinity into what it has become.

Below are the links to the individual 4 blog posts. So have a read once they're available! If you have any questions or queries or think Punch Infinity might be great for you marketing, then drop us a message or give us a call!

Punch Infinity - What is it? (Coming soon - Tuesday 13th May)

Punch Infinity - Why? (Coming soon - Tuesday 27th May)

Punch Infinity - How? (Coming soon - Tuesday 10th June)

Punch Infinity - The Future (Coming soon - 24th)