We are now 50% Female!

Having a variety of staff from different backgrounds is what brings the team to life, while also providing a wider knowledge for future projects.
This month Jenny joined our team here at Punch Digital. Check out Jenny's background below.


Her Job:

Jenny is here as a part time marketer to shake up all aspects of Punch Digital's marketing, while making a mean cup of tea. She will not only be organising our social media, but engaging with creative aspects and collaborating with the team.

We've already started some exciting changes and brainstormed some fantastic ideas.


If you fancy collaborating with us Jenny is the person to talk to, her email is Jenny@punch.digital


She juggles both work (here at Punch Digital), education (at University of Huddersfield doing her Masters in Marketing) and play.

In addition, she accredited by The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDM) as well as being a fully qualified Interior Designer. She has previously worked in London. Designing retail stores for Harvey Nichols and Selfridges as well as contributing to the new Costa Coffee role out stores.

Not only does she come from a design background, she previously trained as a accountant. Giving her background a very unique direction.

Plus she has 3 years experience for Wetherspoons, so she knows how to pull a good pint!

Personal Life:

Born and bred Yorkshire girl she likes to go on long walks through the countryside. Just kidding! The only Yorkshire thing about Jenny is her accent and her unconditional love for Yorkshire Tea.

Jenny loves design and watching clients ideas come to life through CGI. Perfect for Punch Digital.

In her spare time she dabbles on illustrator creating line drawings of people. However, all the spare time is not sat in front of a computer. She is an avid music lover, travelling far and wide to see her favourite artists (only in the sunshine).

Where's Harry?

Those eagle-eyed among you might have noticed that 100% divided by 3 doesn't equal 50%. Sadly Harry left just before Easter, but fear not, a new, bright eyed Junior Artist will be with us soon!