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Josh Joins us for Work Experience

Over the next two weeks we have Josh joining us on placement from college. He's learning the art of CGI, and has interests in all areas of the industry, from architectural visualisations, to computer gaming!


With us, Josh will be tinkering with some virtual reality projects, having fun with 3D scanning and getting his hand dirty with 3D printing. I just hope we don't teach him too many bad habits!


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Video Blog Posts coming soon…

We're always up for trying new things, so we thought we'd try our hand at video blog posts as an alternative to our usual written blog posts!

Video Blog CGI 3D

It's something we've never done before, but we think it could be a great way to show everyone our work, how we do things, our thoughts and perhaps just a little more of us!

As with previous blog posts, we'll be talking about projects, workflows, developments, industry news and much more. We'll also be sharing our screen with you, giving you an insight into how our CGIs are made.

It's going to be raw, unfiltered, and we really don't know how it will go, it could be great (wishful thinking), or it could be suicide! But there's only one way to find out.....

So we hope you'll join us, and if you have any topics or questions for us, please drop us an email and let is know!


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We’re 4!

So we've made it to 4! 4 years of giving it our all, and taking the highs in our stride, and learning very quickly from the lows! We love creating CGIs, and seeing where the journey will take us! We've completed so many architectural visualisations, product CGIs and digital room sets, and we're always incredibly grateful for our clients to have faith in us to create our work!

kitchen interior digital room set shaker design CGI 3D rendering oven hob extractor appliance sinkOne of our many amazing projects completed!

This year, along with our usual work, we also took two steps in two very different directions. We completed the first phase of our Construct and Configure Interactive App, check it out if you haven't already! We also launched Design Scan Print 3D, a service dedicated to 3D scanning people to create miniature figures, again, take a look, and perhaps get booked in for a scan!

3D Scanning & Printing Railway Modellers 16mmMiniature 3D printed figures!

It's in our mentality to try new things, push boundaries, and to start walking down different paths. In the next year we plan to continue to developing our ideas, and seeing where we end up. One avenue we defiantly want to explore is virtual reality; the explosion of hardware such as the HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR opens us so many potentials to be creating, innovative and hopefully create some useful and brilliant projects!

So here's to the next year, let's see what we can do!

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Interactive Car Configurator Demo Now Online

Over at our sister website, www.constructandconfigure.com, we have been busy putting together our third showcase demo interactive application using the Construct and Configure Interactive Application. In this demo we used the existing application, but decided the push the number of options and configurations by showing how the app could be used to visualise a vehicle, in this case a Mini Cooper, a car of which I've admired since it's release 15 years ago.

Interactive CGI car vehicle interior configurator application

Configure the Mini Cooper on any device.

In the app you can configure the paint colours, wheels, brake calliper colours and much more. Creating this app was slightly more complicated to create than the kitchen configurator and the furniture configurator simply because of the number of options. We could have added more options, there are no limits within the application its self, but felt the number of configurations possible (27216 unique configurations to be exact) was enough to give a taste of how powerful the application can be.


Visit the app website to test the configurator.

We also wanted to showcase the layering of the various CGI elements and options. For example the decals sit perfectly over the paint work, and the brake callipers sit under the wheels, all of which is reflected perfectly on the floor. OK we like to show off, but we're proud of what we've created, and we feel this demo shows the potential it has to showcase any product.


In other Construct and Configure news, development of the Share function has begun, and will hopefully be complete in a few weeks time. We're really excited by this, as the Share function will make it extremely easy to share configurations with friends, family and anyone else via email and social media, which in turn will raise the profile of the products.


If you'd like to know more about the configurator, please don't hesitate to get in touch.




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Ard Digital’s logo & 3D inspired font

Not only do I use 3D software to create beautiful images of architecture, interiors or products, but the software and techniques I've developed can be used to create more "graphical" elements, and in this case I created a font set to use with the Ard Digital logo and other marketing media.

The font was initally developed to create a new Ard Digital logo, and is based upon polygon / fractal concepts. The simplicity of the font silhouette is deliberatly in contrast to the random and chaotic polygonal shading. I personally love how each letter is unique, but uniform at the same time and I also love how my eyes flick from letter to letter looking at the finer detail and shading, much in the same way I would look at an Eboy illustration.

3D inspired fontThe finished basic font set.

Unlike a traditional 2D illustrator or graphic designer, I continue to use 3D as a basis to create graphical elements. I would imagine an illustrator would use a piece of software such as Adobe Illustrator to draw, colour, and gradient the images. Don't get me wrong, using illustrator is fine, and has advantages of 3D, but for me the speed and creativity I can produce from using a 3D based software easily out weighs the 2D type software.

3D inspired fontA 3D view of the font within the 3D software.

The above screen capture shows the font in it's most basic form, a chaotic set of polygons, which from this angle look unlike a set of letters and numbers. However when viewed from above the 3D models take the form of the finished font, and the random, crumpled effect is less obvious.

This 3D font is just a quick example of how 3D software and techniques can be used in different ways from the usual CGI buildings, interiors and products. For me using 3D is quicker, faster and more flexible. This font / 3D model could now be moved, scaled, or even animated. Maybe creating a small video ident could be the next little identity project for Ard Digital!


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Leave a Review Please

To all my past and present clients, and anyone else who has had the pleasure of working along side Ard Digital, it would be incredibly incredible if you could write a review for the Google + Ard Digtial page.

It's quite simple and straight forward. The easiest way is to goto www.google.com or www.google.co.uk and search for Ard Digital Ltd. Then in the right box, click "Write a Review" and leave some nice words! You'll need to be signed into Google+ by the way!


Show your support and leave a review, and receive a mystery gift or pint of beer, maybe!


Thank you!



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Ard Digital Turned 3, apparently

Well, on the 13th February Ard Digital turned 3, and I completed missed it, no cake, no party or even a handshake!

I guess this is what happens when you become engrossed by the work, and as they say, age is only a number!


Cake would have been nice though, maybe next year!!



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ArdDigital.co.uk 2.0 revamp!

Over the past few weeks, I have been working on ArdDigital.co.uk version 2.0, and here it is.

The previous site has served the past 3 years (hasn't time flown!) well, but I felt it was a good time to have a little revamp and refresh of the website.

Essentially the content on the new site is much as it was on the original site, featuring who I am, what I do, and of course the portfolio.

The new site features a new look, new logo, and new content. Many of the previous project are still to be added, as is some of the written content. If you happen to spot any thing amiss or a broken link, don't hesitate to get in-touch!

I hope this version of the website is as successful as the previous one. Is it a thumbs up, or thumbs down?



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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Feeling refreshed and ready to hit the ground running? I know I am!


So what does 2015 mean and what can be expected from Ard Digital? I have many ideas, some good, others not so! I experimenting, playing, and tinkering with ideas, and sifting through the good any bad until there's something at the end of the process, even if it is a bin full of tested, but ultimately bad ideas! That's not to say I only have bad ideas, just that I love playing with ideas, and testing them to the point when I say "yes" or "no".

On the list for this year is...

... 3D printing progression and lots more development. I want to look at printing in various materials, such as rubber and metal, and seeing what possible uses I can push the 3D printing into. In 2014 I was very much finding my feet with 3D printing, and took the first step by buying a printer. In 2015 I want to see where 3D printing can lead, and how useful it really can be.

... 3D interactive applications and devices. Again in the past I have played with interactive applications, but not to the extent I would really like. With the development of 3D software such as Unity 3D, Unreal Engine, and others, creating beautiful interactive applications is something I will really look to develop. I love the concept of augmented reality, and the possibilities this holds. Like 3D printing, I see AR becoming a lot more common place in everyday life, so it really makes sense to me to play and test ideas in this region.

...2D interactive applications. I will also be developing non-3D based interactive applications. Already in development is a configurator allowing users to interactively change images. In this specific application users will be able to change parts of a kitchen to suit their tastes, and then feedback their selection to the shop, website, or anyone else. The framework behind the kitchen configurator is being built in such a way that it isn't limited to kitchens, interiors, or anything of that nature. The app will be able to be modified to configure any product or room set. Hopefully a fully working demo will be available very soon!

...3D scanning development. In 2014 I purchased a hand-held 3D scanner, but to be honest I barely had time to really develop and test the device and its possibilities, so in 2015 I will be getting hands-on and 3D scanning!

...Blogging more, and updating the website more often! Since I started the website and blog has sometimes taken 2nd place to everything else going on around business and life, and as such really doesn't get updated as often as I'd like. So in 2015 I will be making a concious effort to blog more, with hopefully some useful and interesting posts, and also to update the many pages on the site. I want to blog more about the processes of CGI creation, the development and testing of the ideas I have (good and bad!), and generally blog interesting things relating to Ard Digital, 3D and CGI.


I know there's more I want to achieve, and hopefully with a hard work, imagination and a smile 2015 will be a cracking year!


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Mini updates via Instagram

Just a quick blog post to say there will be plenty of mini updates to feast your eyes on via the glorious Instagram....


Instagram blog updates

Be sure to give me a follow!





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