Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, things have been a wee bit busy!

Anyway, I thought I would share 2 small scripts I made and use on a daily basis. Both are very simple, but both are real time savers.

OK so the first script is "Reset Material Editor". This script does exactly what it says on the tin. Run this script, assign it to your UI or shortcuts (you will find it under the catagory "Ard Scripts"), and when you click the script, all slots in your editor will be reset with blank vray materials.

This script doesn't remove any materials from the scene, so as long as your materials are assigned to an object you wont lose any materials.

I find this script useful when you either quickly want a clean material editor, or very occasionally when you either have a corrupt material, or a very slow loading material. The material editor can be closed when running the script, hence why it is very useful if you have a corrupt or slow loading material.

And the second little script is the "Find Undefined Materials". Again, the title pretty much gives away the scripts function! Run the script, and assign it to your UI in the same way as the first script.

When you run the script, it will select all objects that have no material assigned. This is especially useful if like me, you prefer to model your scenes first, and then material everything afterwards. This script makes selecting all objects without materials very quick and easy, and means when you come to render your scenes, you avoid that horrible colour bleed from some un-textured part.

OK so that's it, and here's the download links -

Reset Material Editor

Find Undefined Materials