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It's traditional that the last blog post of the year is a round up of our achievements, but instead let's ditch the montage of work, in favor of looking 2020 straight in the eye, whilst whispering....

"I'm coming to get you!"


So what does 2020 hold in-store? Brexit? Chaos? England winning Euro 2020? Who knows!

All I know is, is that things never stand still, so let's roll with the punches.

But here's a few things we'll be throwing into the mix....

  • More focus on development, featuring augmented reality, virtual reality and pushing current services even further. We'll be splitting Punch Digital into 2 fractions, Punch Digital Productions (client ready stuff), and Punch Digital Development Lab (future developments, mostly not available to clients, yet!).
  • More film and animation. and a step forwards with out motion graphics offering.
  • A podcast. I know I've mentioned this before, and the planning is well underway!
  • More guides and case-studies, including pricing and offers.
  • Small developments on Punch Infinity, and perhaps a look to version 2.0.
  • And we'll maybe look to attend more shows, and maybe, just maybe, host our own events / evenings ourselves.

So lots to think about.

But what about you?

What are your plans?

How do you think 2020 is going to pan out? What do you want to see happen? For me, I'd love to see Augmented Reality go from "play thing" to a serious marketing and engagement tool for a hell of a lot of businesses and brands.

But seriously, let me know, I'm curious to hear your thoughts!



Whilst you ponder, I'll wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and here's to a fantastic 2020!

Oh and by the way, I sent out a load of the "Not how but why" posters earlier this month, and if you'd like one (for FREE), drop me a message or email hello@punch.digital and I'll get one over to you in the new year!


All the best,

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Welcome Viktor!

Earlier this month Viktor became the newest recruit to Punch Digital.

He joins us as a Junior Artist, focusing on creating beautiful 3D assets, but he also has brilliant skills in animation, 2D content and idea generation. He's also not bad at a game of table tennis!

Viktor Junior CGI Artist

Viktor originates from Hungary, but has studied in Glasgow and it keen to explore Yorkshire and the surrounding areas, he's already ventured up the Huddersfield icon, Castle Hill.

I hope Viktor really enjoys his new role, new town and a new challenge!


Welcome Viktor!



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Welcome Harry!

Last month Harry joined the Punch Digital team!

Harry is a talented guy and be taking on the roll of junior CGI artist, taking on the creation of content for future projects, with a focus on 3D modeling.

He’ll also be developing current work-flows, as well as spending time on research and development projects to help keep Punch Digital moving forward! He’s already came up with some fantastic ideas and developments, so the future looks bright for this lad!

I hope Harry has a fantastic time here, and I trust we’ll create some amazing work together!


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A Look at the o2 15 Project // Punch Digital Vlog

In this Vlog I take a look at the o2 Fifteen project, showing you what goes into a project like this!

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Follow us on Behance

Follow us on Behance

Behance is a great platform to share, view and appreciate anything visual, and we love it! That's why we're now posting our finest work on there for all to see.

Feel free to follow us, our page is Punch Digital, and if you like our work, give us thumbs up and click "appreciate"!

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Punch Digital // An evolution of Ard Digital

Today is the day that Ard Digital Ltd evolves into Punch Digital Services Ltd!

It's official! Paper work complete! But why I hear you ask? There are numerous reasons behind this change, which I will mention in a minute, but I first wanted to say that fundamentally nothing is changing.

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