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Punch Infinity – How?

Before you read this, you might be wondering "what is Punch Infinity?". If that's the case then check out the Punch Infinity - What is it? blog post.

Regents Road Bathroom Interactive Configurator CGI Visualisation


Without being too "techy" I just wanted to dig a little bit into how Punch Infinity works, and what's involved to get one up and running.


Punch Infinity is entirely online, whether you're on a PC, iPad, tablet or smartphone. 


The imagery used within a Punch Infinity interactive configurator is create by us. It's what we've done for years, and know how to visualise a product in the best way possible using digital and CGI mediums.

The 3 demos show a bathroom, kitchen and office chair, but it would be no different to show a car, house or even a spaceship. They're all products that can be visualised in CGI.

Changing components, colours or finishes

This is the clever bit. Each different component, colour or finish is generated as a separate image. When the user selects say "Colour A", the configurator loads Colour A's image, and displays it.

Making each configurator unique

Punch Infinity can be tweaked to make a configurator fit with a businesses brand and styling. Colours are adjustable, company logos are added, and of course all business details are added.

This is all done in a very clever database. All we need for businesses is their details, and we take care of the rest.


Punch Infinity can appear complex and daunting, but it really isn't. It works online, and we take care of the set-up and creation of the configurator.

However, we need input from clients to make sure we're showing and displaying the right imagery and text. As always, we have made things as easy as possible for anyone involved.

If you have any questions, queries or think Punch Infinity could be suitable for your marketing, then get in touch.

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Finished Friday // Electric Radiators CGI Visualisation

To help the client illustrate how their radiators would look in an interior setting 3 main visuals were produced.

These images consisted of different room configurations where the radiators could be placed, helping consumers visualise the products in their home. All images helped both the client achieve its goes, and gives the consumer a batter understanding of the product.

Head over to the completed projects to find out more about this project!

And feel free to drop us an email or DM for a friendly chat if you'd like to discuss this, or perhaps a similar project you have in mind.

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May Newsletter

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Punch Infinity – Why?


Punch Infinity - Why?

Before you read this, you might be wondering "what is Punch Infinity?". If that's the case then check out the Punch Infinity - What is it? blog post.


The standards of product configurators can be poor at times. I felt that big improvements and innovations could be made to make the experience better for both businesses and customers. A better, easier and more useful configurator app would ultimately help businesses sell their products easier.

So I identified 3 areas that needed to be improved, reinvented or designed to make Punch Infinity a great tool to use...


I’ve experienced and tested numerous configurators, and often became frustrated by poor usability. Some configurators require lengthy sign up processes, a big turn off for users. Others are too complex, and dive into the finest detail too quickly, thus removing any fun or excitement. And some simple leave you thinking "OK great, love the product, but how do I buy?!".

Vehicle configurators for example can be incredibly unfriendly. Instead of exciting the user with fantastic paint colours, styling, wheels, etc, the configurators will start with the boring stuff first. Engine size, emissions, tax, warranty....zzzzz. I don’t get it. A configurator should excite, and make people say “take my money, I’ll worry about the tax later!”.

I’m my opinion, configurators need to excite first, and then deal with the finer details later. Maybe even leave that to the sales folk in the showroom.


Maybe I’m a little arrogant here, but I cringe a little when I see businesses using below par CGI imagery in their marketing material. I know budgets can be tight, but could poor visuals be costing businesses more in the long term? The work we produce at Punch Digital rivals photography in quality, however I know how tricky this can be with configurators. Often they can look “photoshopped” and not very realistic.

For a great experience, the user needs brilliant visuals. Many configurators fall short here, but we’ve developed processes and clever systems to make the visuals as real and convincing as possible. I’ll expand on this in the How? post (coming soon).


Over the decade we have been spoilt with how accessible technology has become. I’m writing this on an iPad in my living room, but I also have a laptop on my desk and a smart phone in my pocket.

Many apps are cross platform, and it’s becoming expected that the device you use shouldn’t limit you in anyway. Many configurators are limited to a handful of devices. Some even require bulky software to download. I wanted to make a configurator app that could be used on any modern device, without bulky downloads, or long loading times, without compromising quality or user experience.

That's why built Punch Infinity to work in an internet browser. People are familiar browsers, and generally know how to access a website. To access a Punch Infinity configurator you type in website such as https://rhk.punch.digital and instead of loading a website, the browser loads the configurator. Simple but very effective. We’ll dig into the “how” it works later, but the important thing for us was to make it accessible for as many people as possible.


Punch Infinity has been built with the end user in it's focus. The experience needed to be easy to use and straight forward. We have made it easy for customers to continue on their buying journey by either learning more about the product, making an enquiry, or being directed to the online sales store.

We also made sure that the visual quality is as high as our non-interactive work.

And we made sure that as many people could access a Punch Infinity interactive configurator through their PC, laptop, iPad, tablet or smartphone.

If you have any questions, queries or think Punch Infinity could be suitable for your marketing, then get in touch.

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Finished Friday // Water Pump CGI Visualisation

Finished Friday // Water Pump CGI Visualisation

To help the client showcase their retro fit water pump attachment a CGI image was created. The focus was primarily on detail, showing how the product would work without having to generate a physical product, saving the client time. Likewise generating a polished image for the client to distribute.

Head over to the completed projects to find out more about this project!

And feel free to drop us an email or DM for a friendly chat if you'd like to discuss this, or perhaps a similar project you have in mind.

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Burger King’s Disruptive Augmented Reality Marketing

Burger King's Disruptive Augmented Reality Marketing

Augmented reality is slowly, but very effectively, being using in marketing campaigns all around the world.

We love augmented reality, and truly believe it's going to be a massive medium in the not so distant future.

One recent campaign for Burger King Brazil, involves users "burning" competitors adverts, for which they are rewarded with a free Whopper.

Now when we say "burning" we don't mean that folk are literally committing arson, rather they're using a very clever augmented reality app to make it appear that McDonalds, Subway, or another competitors printed advert is on fire.  Once the advert has been burnt to ashes, the user then see's the Burger King advert and receives a free burger. Burger King use geofencing to place this offer near its rival compeitors.

For those who don't know, augmented reality (often called AR or mixed reality), is where digital content is displayed into the real world. For example you could augment a piece of furniture into a room to see how it fits, or perhaps you want to see how a new pair of trainers would look on yourself without visiting a store.

There are no limits as to what you can digitally show, and with the Burger King campaign by David SP, the app cleverly recognises a competitors advert, which the triggers the burning and reward.

The social and psychological reasons behind the campaign are perhaps too complex for me to fully understand, perhaps it's literally "let's burn our competitors into oblivion" or maybe it's a spin on Burger Kings "flame grilled" style.

One thing I do know is that the campaign will folk downloading the app, and engaging with the real world, for real rewards.

Augmented reality has the scale and flexibility to transform how people engage with brands, stores and businesses. Instead of burning an advert, imagine if your customers could hold their phone up to an advert, and they're instantly given information on store locations, opening hours, or even exclusive discounts.

Or how about your customer sees an advert for a new piece of furniture, and by using augmented reality, they can see, rotate and maybe even order the piece of furniture straight from an app. Check out our Punch Infifty Range of examples on what we can do.

Augment reality for marketing is just arriving, and I think we're only seeing a glimpse of what it's capable of!

We will be putting together some concepts and ideas for how augmented reality could be used. If you'd like to know more or would like to discuss some ideas then get in touch.

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Calling All Business Owners – Podcast Collaborations

We are launching a podcast series focusing on creativity in business, whether you are a design agency or an accountant we want you to share your experiences with creativity. Plus we will provide biscuits for your trouble, what more could you want?


The style of the concept will be easy going, asking open ended questions without a specific service or solution in mind. The idea is we talk about your business creativity, thoughts, trends and anything else that might pop along. They will be 20-30 mins long, so we won't bore you to death.


The topics of conversation are listed below, but they are only a rough guide.


Potential Themes

Business cycles, habits and routine.

Value of creativity.

Return of investment on creativity.

Finding inner creativity.

Creativity within business.

Sourcing creativity.

Creativity conflicts.

Thinking outside of the box.

Marketing highlights and lows.

Stepping outside of comfort zones.


Following the herd.

Measuring creativity.


Massive failures.

Followers and the tribe.

Forget digital!

Risky business.

Want to be involved?

Let us know if you are interested by contacting us however you please, email, telephone, social media or paper airplane note. However, we want to hear from you!

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Finished Friday // Mountain Vista CGI Interior Visualisation

To help the client illustrate their concept for this refurbishment of a American private business retreat. We created 3 interior images showcasing the proposed changes and alterations.

Head over to the completed projects to find out more about this project!

And feel free to drop us an email or DM for a friendly chat if you'd like to discuss this, or perhaps a similar project you have in mind.


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Glug Event // Collaboration


Last month me and the team went to Glug Leeds to one of their events around collaboration. We had a great time, there was some fabulous speakers sharing their experience, and we obviously had a few to many drinks on a week night!

Here is the low down and what taken from this event.

What collaborations brings and why is it important?

Sharing is caring!

Collaboration is exactly what is says on the tin, sharing and combing your ideas with another. We do it in every part of our lives and don't even notice. It can either be working closely with a client to fulfil their idea perfectly or working with a sector you've never done before. The possibilities are endless.

Don't just collaborate with people like you!

The best partnerships are not always the ones which fit seamlessly together, its about working around the difficulties and making them work together to create some extraordinary. One of the guest speakers at Glug had a tone of waste from his business filling up his garage. He decided to partner with a independent whole food start up who's concept is to produce as little waste as possible. They worked together and using this waste decided to transform an old building into their small store. What a great collaboration!

Collaboration is important because you can learn from one another and pic up skills faster than you would if you was on your own. As well as giving you more knowledge; different people from different background can give you more information showing you the bigger picture.

How we collaborate?

We collaborate both in and out the office, whether it be employing different sex's, people from different countries and various work backgrounds to expand our knowledge. We then use this for the benefit of the client to generate well though out bespoke content with meaning. Likewise we are will to collaborate with clients on their ideas for achieving the best outcome.

However we are not all work and no play, we love to collaborate outside of work, like going to these events, having food and planning to host a ping pong tournament. So watch this space!

If you want to collaborate with us, either it be a for a cuppa or a project, or you just want to attend our pin pong match don't be afraid to contact us.

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Punch Infinity // Interactive Configurator Survey

Punch Infinity // Interactive Configurator Survey

The Punch Infinity Survey is live, but we need your help!

Have you ever used an Interactive Configurator? Whether you use them on a daily basis or have no idea what I'm talking about, can you spare a few moments to fill out our survey to help us design the future.

First visit....


and try out one or more demos on 1 (preferably more) devices.

Once you’ve done then, crack on with the survey (Click to launch)


It’ll take around 5 mins, and you’ll really be helping us out!

Plus you could win a £50 Amazon voucher to spend on junk you don't need!

The survey will run for a few weeks. Results will be published, and folk who complete the form will be entered into a prize draw for a £50 Amazon voucher!

Contact us by email, dm or good old telephone.




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