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Finished Friday // Leigham Court Road // CGI Architectural Visualisation

This week's Finished Friday is Leigham Court Road, where we helped our client with the planning application and marketing for this London development though a computer generated architectural photo-montage.

Full project, and other work, can be see at....


Happy weekend folks!


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The Importance of Not Standing Still

Sound on folks, and take a look at the latest showcase.

It's been fun to look back and stitch this 30s montage together. It makes me realise how multi talented Punch Digital can be, and the benefits of not being stuck rigidly to one area.

Many folk say "you need to be super niche", and whilst I do agree, and perhaps even see the business sense in that, it's just not for me.

I see huge advantages in working on a wide range of projects. What you learn on an architectural job will have a positive impact on a product animation.

Take for example the part of the showcase where the "2020" objects fall and bounce around. In my head, I'm thinking, could we use a system like this to drop leafs into an architectural project, to have a more realistic and interesting visual.

I totally understand that this approach isn't "mainstream", and we will end up going down routes that lead to nowhere. But that's half the fun!

Doing the same thing, day in, day out, also leaves you very exposed. People will copy, imitate and rip-off work. And if you're not quick, they could overtake you, and run you out of business. That scares me much more than wasting a few days on side project!

"If you don't move, your legs become stiff. And once your legs become stiff, it becomes harder to move."

Kind of makes sense, right?

So here's to diversity!


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Finished Friday // Bella Vida // Architectural CGI Illustration

This Friday we showcase a recent architectural visualisation project - Bella Vida.The full project can be see at https://www.behance.net/gallery/91137467/Bella-Vida-Architectural-CGI-Illustration

If you like to know, drop us a line and get in touch.

Happy weekend folks!


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It's traditional that the last blog post of the year is a round up of our achievements, but instead let's ditch the montage of work, in favor of looking 2020 straight in the eye, whilst whispering....

"I'm coming to get you!"


So what does 2020 hold in-store? Brexit? Chaos? England winning Euro 2020? Who knows!

All I know is, is that things never stand still, so let's roll with the punches.

But here's a few things we'll be throwing into the mix....

  • More focus on development, featuring augmented reality, virtual reality and pushing current services even further. We'll be splitting Punch Digital into 2 fractions, Punch Digital Productions (client ready stuff), and Punch Digital Development Lab (future developments, mostly not available to clients, yet!).
  • More film and animation. and a step forwards with out motion graphics offering.
  • A podcast. I know I've mentioned this before, and the planning is well underway!
  • More guides and case-studies, including pricing and offers.
  • Small developments on Punch Infinity, and perhaps a look to version 2.0.
  • And we'll maybe look to attend more shows, and maybe, just maybe, host our own events / evenings ourselves.

So lots to think about.

But what about you?

What are your plans?

How do you think 2020 is going to pan out? What do you want to see happen? For me, I'd love to see Augmented Reality go from "play thing" to a serious marketing and engagement tool for a hell of a lot of businesses and brands.

But seriously, let me know, I'm curious to hear your thoughts!



Whilst you ponder, I'll wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and here's to a fantastic 2020!

Oh and by the way, I sent out a load of the "Not how but why" posters earlier this month, and if you'd like one (for FREE), drop me a message or email hello@punch.digital and I'll get one over to you in the new year!


All the best,

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Idea // A/B Testing though the magic of CGI

A/B testing is nothing new. You give folk two (or more) options, and see how they react. You then have a good idea which one version to push to your customers, clients or users.

cgi a/b testing illustration 3d visualisation

Icons made by prettycons from www.flaticon.com


Digital A/B testing is often used when designing and running websites, advertising and marketing campaigns.

Take web design for example, you have 2 designs but you don't know which perform the best. So you create 2 websites, and 2 groups of users. You then measure the performance of the websites, and go with the strongest website.

Smart right.


Well why not do the same with CGI illustrations. Create 2 versions of the same product and see which one gets the best reaction. 

cgi a/b testing illustration 3d visualisation

And the beauty of using CGI is that the product doesn't even have to exist, and doesn't have to until you know which one will sell.

Super smart right?

cgi a/b testing illustration 3d visualisation animated

By using CGI and digital mediums wisely, you could gain a real advantage over the industry, be more resourceful, and better serve your customers.

The phrase "knowledge is power" has never been so relevant as it is right now, and with A/B testing you can build that knowledge.

cgi a/b testing illustration 3d visualisation

So to prove a point, we're going to run a test soon. We'll take a product, create 2 variations, and see which one gets the most interaction on a platform like Instagram.

And we'll of course post our results!


Until then, take it easy, and if you'd like to know more about A/B testing, CGI or anything else, then drop us a line. Details on the contact page.


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Finished Friday // Coves of Brighton Bay // Architectural CGI Illustration

Coves of Brighton Bay // Architectural CGI Illustration

Finished Friday this week brings you Coves of Brighton Bay // Architectural CGI Illustrations.

Check out the full project here.

And if you'd like to know more about the project, are thinking about a CGI commission, or just want to friendly northern advice, then just drop us a line.

Contact details handily on the Contacts Page.

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Development // 3D Scanning without a 3D scanner

Over the past month, we have had Daniel here on work experience.

During his time here, we set him the challenge of researching and developing a work-flow to capture real life objects in the form of a 3D scan, with the limitation of not having access to a 3D scanner.

The method to do this is called photogrammetry and isn't anything majorly new to the CGI industry, but it is something that we believe could be a very useful tool to have at our disposal.

Photogrammetry works by taking 100s of photos of a static object, and them loading them into a piece of software which can the turn the 2D images into a 3D object. It's very very clever, and is mind-blowing to even consider how the software does what it does!

In a nut-shell, photogrammetry isn't as straight forward as a lot of the manuals say. It cab be very fickle and requires an almost perfect scenario of flat lighting. However we did start to make progress, end with a successful scan of Huddersfield fines dough treats!


Our testing did take longer than anticipated, and the final results (so far) are by no means the end product, but we can certainly see the potential with this tool and workflow.

The advantages of photogrammetry are speed, accuracy and low cost. The downsides are mainly in the uncontrollable side of things such as lighting.

We will continue to develop this part of our work, and can see it being useful for interiors (maybe organic items such as food and soft furnishings) and exterior images for statues or maybe historic architecture.


We owe Daniel a massive thank you for his time with us, and we wish him well in his studies!

Thank Daniel!!

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Welcome Viktor!

Earlier this month Viktor became the newest recruit to Punch Digital.

He joins us as a Junior Artist, focusing on creating beautiful 3D assets, but he also has brilliant skills in animation, 2D content and idea generation. He's also not bad at a game of table tennis!

Viktor Junior CGI Artist

Viktor originates from Hungary, but has studied in Glasgow and it keen to explore Yorkshire and the surrounding areas, he's already ventured up the Huddersfield icon, Castle Hill.

I hope Viktor really enjoys his new role, new town and a new challenge!


Welcome Viktor!



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Finished Friday // Samerson Kitchen // Interior Kitchen CGI

Samerson Kitchen // Interior Kitchen CGI

Finished Friday this weeks brings this beautiful interior space, which draws inspiration from modern kitchen design, with a mid-century twist.

The full project can be found on our Behance page.


And if you'd like to know more about the project, are thinking about a CGI commission, or just want to friendly northern advice, then just drop us a line.

Contact details handily on the Contacts Page.

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Finished Friday // Strode Road // Architectural CGI Illustration

Strode Road // Architectural CGI Illustration

Finished Friday this week brings you Strode Road // Architectural CGI Illustrations.

Check out the full project here.

And if you'd like to know more about the project, are thinking about a CGI commission, or just want to friendly northern advice, then just drop us a line.

Contact details handily on the Contacts Page.




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